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Hand of Uquar

~in exile

Helen Haras-Uqaura
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  • elephantgadget@livejournal.com
Name: Helen Haras-Uquara
Fandom: The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones
Year: Sophomore Junior
Age: 16 17
Living Arrangements: Room 501 with Sam Witwicky Room 420 with Chloe Saunders
Voice Mail: 555-EXIL

Helen works at The Gig on Thursdays.

Fall Session 2009
Hubris from Revelation (Atreides) - Mon. 1st period
Classical Genre (Castle) - Tues. 1st period
Sex through the Ages (Algren and Kirk) - Tues. 3rd period
Anyone Can Cook (Collette Tatou) - Tues. 4th period

Summer Session II 2009
Sexual Anthropology (Brennan) - Mon. 3rd period
Mythbusting (Durden) - Tues. 2nd period
Life's Little Quirks (Loki) - Wednes. 2nd period
Tactics (Kirk) - Thurs. 4th period

Summer Session I 2009
Archaeology (Indiana Jones) - Tues. 3rd period
Criminal Justice (Jethro Gibbs) - Wednes. 3rd period
Seduction (James Bond) - Wednes. 4th period
Slacking (Maximus) - Fri. 1st period

Spring 2009
Sex Education (Steve Rogers) - Mon. 3rd period
Ethics (Anakin Skywalker) - Tues. 2nd period
Management Theory (Yzma) - Tues. 4th period
Heroing (Captain Hammer) - Wednes. 3rd period

Classes: Fall 08
Care of Magical Creatures with Minsc: Monday Period 1
Hunting 101 with John Winchester: Tuesday Period 5
Survival Skills with James Bond: Wednesday Period 4
Physical Education with Ronon Dex: Friday Period 2

2008 Summer Session 2

Destiny and Free Will with Atreides: Monday Period 1
The Right Tools with Kerrigan: Tuesday Period 4
Escape Artistry with Ronon Dex: Thursday Period 3
Roving the Galaxy with The Doctor: Friday Period 4
The Right Tools with Kerrigan

OC Contact post or contact the Mun at Maisfeeka at AOL dot com.

The Mun can also be found as Maisfeeka on AIM.

Helen is from The Homeward Bounders by Diana Wynne Jones

She is 16 years old and will be entering Fandom High as a sophomore.

She lives in Room 501 with Sam Witwicky.

Helen is short and slight with black hair and black eyes.  She was born with her right arm a withered stump, but by the time she was six months old she'd developed the ability to make it look like a regular arm.  Which led to her father bringing her to the House of Uquar for the priests to tell him if it was all right to stone her for such a thing.  They poked her with a stick until she got angry and turned her arm into a stick and poked them back.  This proved to the priests that she was the manifestation of the Hand of Uquar and they said that she must be brought back to the temple when she was five to be raised and be called Haras-Uquar.  They said she would hold sway over all the world and bring back the wider times because that was the prophecy.  She was taught a great many languages and customs from many worlds to prepare her for this.  Unfortunately, she saw Them (the entities) and was made a Homeward Bounder - thrown out of the temple and stoned.

Helen can turn her right arm into anything she wants - animate or inanimate.  Her favorite thing to turn it into is an elephant trunk.  She turned it into a knife of light to break the barrier into the entities' enclave during the fight to free the worlds.  She does also have an affinity for bugs and creepy crawlies (including rats) and can call them to her, often playing with them when she is sad or upset.

More info about Helen and The Homeward Bounders can be found here and here

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